Friulian vocabulary – STELE (f.), star

STELE (f.), star: contâ lis stelis, to count the stars; un cîl cun tantis stelis, a sky with many stars; un cîl cence stelis, a starless sky, a sky without stars; la stele sflandorose de buinore, the bright morning star; il soreli, la lune e lis stelis, the sun, the moon and the stars; sot des stelis, under the stars; une stele e colà dal … Continue reading Friulian vocabulary – STELE (f.), star

Friulian vocabulary – CRÔS (f.), cross

CRÔS (f.), cross: la crôs dal Signôr nestri Jesù Crist, the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ; Crist in crôs, Christ crucified, Christ on the cross; meti in crôs, to crucify, to put on the cross; lu meterin in crôs, they crucified him, they put him on the cross; nô o predicjìn Crist metût in crôs, we proclaim Christ crucified; patî la muart in crôs, … Continue reading Friulian vocabulary – CRÔS (f.), cross

On the contraction of the Friulian INDI

The Friulian indi means thereof. In the spoken language, but also in written texts, indi undergoes contraction. The reader will rarely encounter the full form indi, so much so that even the text of the Bible in Friulian prefers the contracted forms. This entry will examine some of the contractions of indi to be encountered by the reader in the contemporary translation of the Bible … Continue reading On the contraction of the Friulian INDI

On the pronunciation of the Friulian Ç

The sound of the Friulian ç is, after the English manner, that of ch in the English words church, child, chapter. Should the Friulian ç occur before a vowel, it will only come before a, o or u, and never before e or i, the reason for which is explained at the end of this entry; the Friulian ç will also appear at the end … Continue reading On the pronunciation of the Friulian Ç

On the negated imperative in Friulian

By the term ‘negated imperative’, the reader will understand such utterances as kill not, rob not, let him not speak, let us not look, and so forth. This entry will detail how to form constructions of the sort in Friulian. Second-person singular: NO STA In English, second-person singular was traditionally identified by the subject pronoun thou, employed when addressing a single person on an informal … Continue reading On the negated imperative in Friulian

On asking questions in Friulian

Here the reader will find numerous instances of questions put in Friulian, with a translation into English. Observed in the English renderings below is the traditional distinction between thou (second-person singular) and you (second-person plural), that the reader may eliminate all doubt in his mind as to which form he is dealing with in the Friulian. General questions Âstu ancjemò pôre? Hast thou yet fear? … Continue reading On asking questions in Friulian

How to learn the Friulian language online

The reader will find below different outside resources available online which he may use to learn the Friulian language on his own. I continue to add to this list as more resources are uncovered; if the reader has a suggestion for me to consider adding, I ask him to write to me. What does Friulian sound like? Categories below include: Friulian courses Friulian dictionaries Friulian … Continue reading How to learn the Friulian language online

On counting in Friulian (cardinal numerals)

The reader will find Friulian cardinal numerals listed below. 0 zero 1 un 2 doi 3 trê 4 cuatri 5 cinc 6 sîs 7 siet 8 vot 9 nûf 10 dîs 11 undis 12 dodis 13 tredis 14 cutuardis 15 cuindis 16 sedis 17 disesiet 18 disevot 19 disenûf 20 vincj 21 vincjeun 22 vincjedoi 23 vincjetrê 24 vincjecuatri 25 vincjecinc 26 vincjesîs 27 vincjesiet … Continue reading On counting in Friulian (cardinal numerals)

Genesis 3 in Friulian – Il pecjât di Adam

The third chapter of the book of Genesis tells of the sin of Adam. The Friulian text of this chapter is drawn from Bibie par un popul, made available by Glesie Furlane. Verse 1 Il madrac al jere il plui galiot di dutis lis bestiis de tiere che il Signôr Diu al veve fatis. I disè a la femine: “Sichè Diu us à dit: No … Continue reading Genesis 3 in Friulian – Il pecjât di Adam