Intrate per angustam portam

At Matthew 7:13, Christ says: Intrate per angustam portam (enter by the narrow gate). Entry by the narrow gate represents self-denial and the taking up of one’s cross, the difficult way leading to life and the Kingdom of God; this is in opposition to the comfortable, broad way of this evil world — the one walked by most men — filled with worldly pleasures and … Continue reading Intrate per angustam portam

Friulian vocabulary – MONT (world)

MONT (m.), world: Jesù al disè: Jo o soi la lûs dal mont, Jesus said: I am the light of the world; la fin dal mont, the end of the world; cognossût in dut il mont, known throughout the world, known the world over; il mont intîr, the entire world, the whole world; tal mont catolic, in the Catholic world; il mont ocidentâl, the occidental … Continue reading Friulian vocabulary – MONT (world)

Friulian vocabulary – VUERE (war)

VUERE (f.), war: lâ in vuere, to go to war; fâ vuere, to make war; fâur vuere ai nemîs, to make war against the enemies; tacâ vuere, to initiate war; jessi in vuere, to be at war; declarâ vuere, to declare war; prontâsi pe vuere, to ready for war; proclamâ la vuere sante, to proclaim holy war; e sclopà une vuere, a war broke out; … Continue reading Friulian vocabulary – VUERE (war)

Friulian vocabulary – CUARP (body)

CUARP (m.), body: il cuarp di Jesù, the body of Christ; ufrît i vuestris cuarps come une vitime vive, offer your bodies as a living sacrifice; Josef al invuluçà il cuarp di Crist tun linzûl mont, Joseph wrapped the body of Christ in a clean linen cloth; il lusôr dal cuarp al è il voli, the lamp of the body is the eye; lavâsi il … Continue reading Friulian vocabulary – CUARP (body)

Friulian vocabulary – SEGRET (secret)

SEGRET (m.), secret: tignî un segret, to keep a secret; al è bon di tignî un segret, he is good at keeping a secret; palesâ un segret, to divulge a secret; scuvierzi un segret, to discover a secret; contâ i siei segrets, to tell one’s secrets, to recount one’s secrets; dî in segret, to say in secret, to tell secretly; restâ tal segret, to remain … Continue reading Friulian vocabulary – SEGRET (secret)

Friulian vocabulary – PULVIN (dust)

PULVIN (m.), dust: il pulvin de tiere, the dust of the earth; un grignel di pulvin, a speck of dust; scjassâ il pulvin dai siei pîts, to shake off the dust from one’s feet; fâ deventâ pulvin e savalon, to make to become dust and sand; spacâsi il pulvin, to shake oneself from the dust; il prin om al è di pulvin, the first man … Continue reading Friulian vocabulary – PULVIN (dust)